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Web Design VS Print Design

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There is a difference between web design and print design. A great designer will know that difference. In this era of World Wide Web, Internet, and print, yes print is not dead, a designer should be thinking about both. I can’t count how many times while working on a print project, a file from a website has been emailed to me. This web file will not work in print. Anything pulled from a website is a low-resolution file. Web files are a resolution of 72, and in print design, the file needs a resolution of 300. Sometimes I have received files where resolution has been added to an original to make it 300; this will not work for print. If a file like this is printed, it will appear fuzzy in the finished printed piece.

An excellent designer will know the difference between the two formats and will keep it in mind when designing artwork. Working in high resolution is a good rule to follow at the beginning of the project. This way, when asked to reduce the size for use on a website, the file can be reduced by copying and saving to the correct file size, and you still have the high-resolution file for the printing press. Size does matter. It is always a good idea to have access to both high and low-resolution data. Avoid paying for artwork twice and always have access to the high-resolution file.

Make sure you hire a designer who understands the difference when it comes to web and print resolution.

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Photo Wendy Danko