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What is SEO?

SEO is like a giant puzzle. When it is done the right way it is good. When it is done the wrong way your site will suffer. All the pieces need to be aligned to make the right picture.


What is Search Engine Optimization or SEO?


Online search engine optimization uses certain technicians and tactics to attract the right visitors to your website.


The lists on this page give a brief look at what SEO is about, what it is not, and who should consider learning more.


SEO covers a lot of ground and can get quite complicated at times. What you might not know is SEO is an on-going project that will always need work and updates for varies reasons.

  • Improve rankings

  • Changing algorithms

  • Keyword Changes

  • Improve the number of the right visits, your target audience, to your site

  • Stay ahead of competitors' updates and research

  • Brand Building

  • Improve User Experience

  • Measure successes and check the problem areas on the site

  • Monitoring and reporting

  • And more

The search engines we used today are updating their algorithm almost every day. When an algorithm changes, it could affect your website. The thing about most algorithm changes is that the implementation is not announced. Because the changes are not announced, site owners need to be looking at their analytics for measurements, successes, and problems.  

Are there problems with your website?


If you don't know and understand how website optimization works, you may never know there is a problem or change in traffic patterns.  Algorithm changes could also mean the death of your website if you're not careful. There are ways to deal with or combat these changes through monitoring and reporting.

But, before you try "doing" optimization on your own or hiring a professional, you should understand the basics of SEO. As the saying goes, "knowledge is power." Don't let other people have the upper hand when it comes to understanding how the internet and search engine optimization work.

The Audit


When you have an audit done for your website you will get a search engine ranking score. When the score is low you know there is work to be done. 


Fixing the problems found in your audit report is important. When the site is not functioning, maybe it has broken links, for example, this creates a poor user experience. Broken links create a poor user experience (UI or UX) which creates a lower ranking score for your website. Poor rankings will never get you to page one of the search engine report page (SERP). 

The number one thing that should happen after an audit is fixing the problems that were uncovered.

If you follow the rules that Google has given you will have a better chance at ranking on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs.) But you're not finished, the audit is just the beginning. You will be working on content topics, keywords, checking measurements, and the list goes on. To rank well for the placement in organic searches you will be testing different strategies on a regular basis.

The most important thing you should always have in mind is the customer. Everything thing you do will be focused on the user and not the search engine.

How can SEO help my business?


SEO, when done well, will lead to more business. When you are consistent with your efforts, your search engine rankings will grow, and your web traffic will continue to grow too. SEO...

  • Creates a better user experience and happy customers

  • Grows your customer base

  • Closes more sales

  • Creates Higher conversion rate

  • Local SEO sends more customers to a location

  • Builds brand awareness

  • Builds credibility

  • Is a strategy that will keep building your business for years to come

Unlike pay-per-click (PPC) advertising where you spend money to run an advertising campaign, SEO keeps on working and improving your business. Your SEO keeps working while your PPC stops and keeps asking for more money to continue the campaign.


What kinds of SEO are there?


On-page SEO

On-page SEO sets your site up with a good foundation for each page on your website. On-page SEO would be checking your pages for errors with an audit. Fixing all of the mistakes is essential if you want your pages to rank well in search engines.


Next, each page should have its focus or subject. Make sure you are supplying different content on each page. Make sure the content is of the highest quality possible.


Both of these items, fixing SEO problems and content, are critical to the success of your site. When your pages a set up correctly, search engines will notice, and good rankings will follow. It takes a while to get everything in order. Nothing happens fast. But this is the way to succeed, and over time it will pay off.


Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO is the promotion of the site and its pages. An SEO campaign might include a landing page, social media ads, other ads (PPC) on different search engines like Google or Bing. An off-page campaign could also include a separate email campaign. A great deal of planning will go into these efforts.

A campaign will have a specific goal or objective. For example, maybe you want to increase leads by 15% over a month. How would you go about doing this? Be realistic in what you hope to accomplish.


As you can see, there is a difference in the types of SEO.


With both forms of SEO, you can target the right people, customers who are interested in what you have to offer with the content you provide. SEO, when set up correctly, will bring you better results in the long run than costly PPC.

If you have any questions about SEO or Content Marketing, please email me your question or blog ideas. What we ultimately what to do is help you understand the SEO process to make our websites work better for our businesses.


Wendy Danko at WenKo LLC is devoted to helping websites succeed through SEO. 

"My hope is you will find value in the content on each webpage. Whether you do your own SEO or you have a professional SEO, with this information you will be able to make better decisions when it comes to SEO."

–Wendy Danko

Some of the information can be very technical so I have added links to sites that explain the topic in more depth.

If you have a question, I will be happy to answer it.