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Technical Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not all about finding the best keywords. SEO is about many different processes that need to happen for the search engines to recognize what your site is about and what subjects make it relevant to the end user.

Many companies have come and gone that just focused on keywords and in the past might have gotten away with keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing is no longer possible. Keyword stuffing will get your site unlisted in a hurry. The search engines want websites to provide up to date relevant information for the end user.

Search engines change almost every day making it difficult to know what to do. If you follow the guidelines, most search engines provide, your site should do well. A professional SEO person will know the correct ways to set up your site and what will work best to help your site provide relevant information.

A professional SEO should be able to increase the speed of your site. Set up analytics to measure site performance. Work on external and internal linking. Help create new content and refresh existing content*. Index pages properly. Add a search console to check the overall health of your page. The list goes on, but I think you get the idea.

I would be happy to review your site to see how it could be improved so that search engines and people can find you on the World Wide Web.

* Link to Search Engine Journal article: Content Is King: The Greatest Lie Ever Told in SEO

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Google 2018 encourages the following in SEO practices:

• Page titles should be accurate and unique.

• Use descriptive Meta tags.

• ULRs should be structured properly.

• Your website should be easy to navigate.

• Content should be of high quality.

• Anchor text including updated keywords is important.

• Images need to be optimized.

• Heading should be tagged correctly.

• Sites should be responsive to mobile devices.



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Nuture And Grow Your SEO
Nuture And Grow Your SEO
Nuture And Grow Your SEO
Nuture And Grow Your SEO
Nuture And Grow Your SEO