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Keywords Matter.

Updated October, 2018

By Wendy Danko

SEO and Customer Intent are important when working on keywords.

Keywords matter if you want to reach real customers.

The first thing you need to do is figure out customer intent. Customer Intent is very important when working on keywords. With out customer intent you have nothing. A buyer persona will help you figure out what the customer intent might be. In other words what kind of words are they putting into their search queries?

The second thing you will need to do is make a master list of keywords. This list will be the underlying foundation for all your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on your website, blog post, social media, and anywhere you would use words to talk about your business. Each web page will have its own set of keywords.

You will be trying to find your customer intent. Getting in their thinking process and using the words they would use to find the information you provided on each page of your website.

Getting Started:

1.) Organize your business products and services into lists that are relevant.

2.) Under each category make a list of seed keywords.

3.) Make a list of competitors, company names, and web addresses. Looks at their pages to see what words they are using.

4.) Start working on a buyer persona. You do need to understand who your customer is and what their habits are, where they live, and where they are in the buyers' cycle, to have a well thought out marketing plan. The keywords you use should also be the keywords your customers use.

5.) Your customers are doing a web search to answer a question or solve a problem they are having. Your content should address your customers issues.

At this point, you are now ready to start a keyword search. The buyer persona will be a tool you will refer to many times and will continue to update. So make sure get it started on the buyer persona.

Using a keyword program to look for suggestions can be fun and informative.

A good keyword planning program should help you understand:

  • how often specific words are searched
  • historical statistics
  • volume and traffic
  • performance forecasting
  • finding trends
  • help find new ideas
  • show the breakdown of devices used
  • find particular keywords for particular clients
  • find general keywords for general clients
  • keywords for a phrase, very important for voice searches
  • regional keywords
  • plus more


Getting confused? Send me a note, and we can talk about it.


I will direct you to use Google Ads Keyword Planner. Google Ads Keyword Planner is a free program for now.

After you open an account click on the TOOLS icon in the upper right



Enter up to three words, phrases, or a URL related to your business. Click GET STARTED.

The Getting Started button will bring you to a list of KEYWORD IDEAS.

The list will show you other Relevant Keywords, Average Monthly Searches, Competition and then information about bid pricing for pay ads. For now, ignore the bidding information.

Go through this list and look for word combinations that are new to you.

See how many Average Monthly Searches there are for the words your interested in using.

You are NOT looking for the most popular word. The most popular words are very hard to get a good ranking. Look of Medium Competition words. These are the ones you might be able to rank for.

At this point, you might want to DOWNLOAD KEYWORD IDEAS.

The Google Keyword Planner is for Google Ads, without an active account you will not be able to save your lists within their program. This free keywords planner did get you a great deal of relevant information.

There are other programs, if you have a budget to work with, that will do a deeper dive into your keyword search. Below are a few links that you may find helpful. has an excellent planner. Here is an article the explains their process.


Moz Keyword Explorer You will need to set up an account with them.


ahrefs Keyword Explorer You will need to start a 7-day trial for $7.00


Questions? Contact Wendy Danko

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SEO and Customer Intent are important when working on keywords.
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SEO and Customer Intent are important when working on keywords.
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SEO and Customer Intent are important when working on keywords.