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Seiyso Website Top of home page. Website design by Wendy Danko at WenKo llc

A Case Study

A Small, But Mighty Business Needs a Website

Small businesses need a website with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) too.


Most small businesses don't have a large budget to work with, but they can create an online presence, which can grow into a more extensive online company over time. If small businesses pay attention to the following:​

  • Budget for marketing, including web development and search engine optimization

  • Branding, including a mission and vision statement, identification, and logo design that includes color choices

  • Search Engine Optimization at the beginning of the website development

With the above items done right, they are moving in the right direction.


Budgeting and Business Plan.


If a small business includes marketing in its plan, it understands what it takes to promote a business. Hopefully, the marketing budget is large enough for website development and search engine optimization. Seiyso had included marketing in their business plan, but it was a smaller budget that would increase over time. A small budget meant WenKo had to design a smaller site to get its desired internet presence.

Seiyso understood the importance of a presence on the internet and wanted to do what was necessary to get "something out there." WenKo explained that website development and search engine optimization are two different areas of expertise and are equally important. With that understanding, Seiyso wanted to move forward.


Before Website Development


Before the website work could start, Seiyso needed some branding, including logo design. Seiyso had been doing business for nearly two years and had ideas about a logo they wanted to develop. They also understood that this was a separate service not included in the web development service.


Company Identification or Logo Design


Their logo design has a clean, technical visual appeal with simple, sophisticated colors that emphasize the long O sound at the end of the name. The logo colors will define the color used for the web design and all other marketing material. In addition, these colors will contrast nicely on a lighter background for easy readability.

"It was important to establish a web/digital presence. So much of today’s business relies on the ability to attain information, about businesses in a way that is convenient and easily accessible."


Basilio from Seiyso Technologies

Seiyso Logo design by Wendy Danko at WenKo llc

Branding is Not All About the Logo Design

After extensive interviews and conversations, WenKo was able to pull together what Seiyso was and where they wanted to take their business. WenKo encouraged Seiyso to write a mission and vision statement. Having these two statements written down made it easier for them to see what they were and where their company needed to focus.


Seiyso wrote a mission and vision statement, expressing the companies values and how they could help other companies improve their IT through collaboration and partnership.


Seiyso's Mission Statement

Technology for Everyday People


Seiyso Technologies, LLC, collaborates with small to medium-sized enterprises in Minnesota that need office information technology (IT) that is understandable and works well with their business.


Seiyso's Vision Statement

Information Technology that is personalized, user-friendly, understandable, and within reach for small to medium-size businesses are what Seiyso is all about.


Seiyso does information technology management, network design, project management, and support. They want to fill the gap for smaller and medium-sized companies that do not want an impersonal, large IT service.


Seiyso expresses they collaborate with the client to understand their needs before they start a project. That no question should go unanswered, they are friendly, easy to work with, and non-intimidating. They like to say they are "everyday people who provide technology for everyday people."

"Having a well-formed website helps to prequalify potential customers by allowing them to better determine if the services we offer are also what they are looking for, to enhance their situation."


Basilio from Seiyso Technologies

Seiyso Website Home Page Middle of Page. Website design by Wendy Danko at WenKo llc

Ready to Start Website Development and Design

Now that Seiyso had a mission and value statement and a newly designed logo, they were ready to discuss website development that included SEO.


As described above, the design already has the colors worked out and a message that makes sense. Seiyso was very open to the start-up layouts and didn't waste any time moving forward. 


How WenKo's Services Made a Difference

WenKo did perform a great deal of explaining and prep work to help their client write down who they are and what they do. By encouraging Seiyso to do this exercise, WenKo developed a website that spoke to their potential customers. This exercise set the tone for their website. WenKo did not write the vision or mission statement, but WenKo wrote the text that included Seiyso's website's objectives. WenKo did the keyword phrase research based upon the mission statement, value statement, and types of services Seiyso provides. With the SEO added to the website, and then registered with the major search engines. Analytics, Search Console, Tag Manager, and Google My Business were put in place to track website success.


WenKo took the time to explain that the internet is run on search terms and phrases their clients use, so now they understand the importance of good text/copy on their website. They were encouraged to write more information useful to their clients and potential clients to search out. Seiyso does understand how important this concept is to its website, and WenKo will work with them to create this content in the future.


Results ended up with a clean, easy to read one-page site that can quickly expand with new pages for each category when they are ready to do so. That one-page says who they are and the benefits their potential clients will get from Seiyso's services. 


Seiyso is very happy with the web page they now have!


To be continued, when Seiyso says so.

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