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Marketing Strategy, What Strategy?

5 Must Do Steps to Set Your Business Up For Success.

July 2017 • Updated January 2018

By Wendy Danko

If the public can't find your website or that article you worked so hard on, they can’t read it either.

A well thought out marketing strategy starts with the basic information in steps one through five.

1. Organize Website.

Providing information in an organized way to help people understand what your content is about without getting lost on your site is essential.

The time to think about marketing strategy is before design begins on a website. For those that already have a published site, making improvements is always an option.

A website should be organized and easy to navigate. Each page should have a purpose. Navigating to any page should be no more than three clicks away and should be easy to trace back to the original page.

URLs should be readable and have a keyword in them. No long numbers or text that does not make sense.

Each page should have optimization for search engines (SEO).
Speak with an expert to make sure it is correct.

2. Gather Information.

When working on a digital marketing strategy, you will need to consider the following and organize on a spreadsheet for easy access to the information you will be collecting:

  • What are your business goals?
  • Be specific. Write the goals down.
    Are they different for each product and service?
  • What defines your business?
  • Be specific. Who is your company?
    What does your business do?
  • Who are your competitors what are they doing?
  • Do the research. Write down the names and web addresses of your competitors.
  • What does your company do better than your competitors?
  • Be specific. Write down what your business does better and different than other companies.
3. Buyer Persona, create one or more.

Creating a buyer persona based on who is or will be buying your products and services. You will use this buyer persona again and again and will be updating it often. Making a buyer persona will help you understand your customer, what their needs are, where they live, their buying habits, and much more. A persona will be a work in progress. You may have more than one persona to fully understand who and how your customers interact with the products and services you provide.

Creating persona is an essential part of the marketing process, don’t skip it. You need to understand your customers to get their attention. Link: This article has a very good explanation to help you create buyer persona.

4. Keyword Search.

Create a keyword list for each product and service your company provides. Link: Please read this article to understand more about searching for keywords.

5. It is time to use the keywords.

Use the keywords for Search Engine Optimization as well as in your content.

Written content should be natural, and it is recommended to have readability for about an eight grade level.

The content of the pages should be relevant to the web pages purpose. Keywords should fit in naturally.

When I say content, I mean written articles, infographics, photo caption text, illustration, etc. Remember search engines read words. When you place photos or artwork on a page make sure you tell the search engine what it is about with the addition of Alt Text.

Write headlines that grab attention and are relevant to the article. Most people will read the headline, make them want to read your whole article. When writing headlines, make sure you have an original headline and subheadlines. Breaking the material down into sections will make it easier for the reader.

The body of the content should solve a problem your readers may be trying to figure out. Make sure you are answering their questions. Providing lists and bullet point is helpful for the reader too.

Creative Typewriters by Wendy Danko at WenKo LLC original photo

In the written article provide a call to action in the middle and at the end of the article. Maybe offer a free worksheet, whitepaper, or booklet to download with more information. Have your customers fill out a form for this free offer. Google Analytics will help you keep track of incoming data.

Don’t forget images. The image should support the article and help explain the text. The image will also give the reader a chance to rest their eyes before they continue reading.

A good writer remembers the basics, who, how, where, when and why, and applies to each article. There should be a beginning (introduction), middle (body text or argument) and end (conclusion). For those that write every day, this seems simple, but many people forget the basics and just ramble on.

Speaking of rambling on, I think it is time for me to end this article and for you to get busy simplifying websites, collecting information, writing buyer personas, organizing keywords, and creating creative content.

I hope I helped answer some questions about the marketing strategy for websites. There is always more to learn, and I will be writing about some of these topics in the future. For now, think analytics.


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Creative Typewriters by Wendy Danko at WenKo LLC original photo
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Creative Typewriters by Wendy Danko at WenKo LLC original photo
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