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A metaphor for nurturing and improving your web pages.

If you nurture and improve your web pages they you will have success:

1. bringing in new clients site through relevant content

2. a positive return on investment (ROI) by reaching the right customers

I have been on this journey to help others improvements to their web pages. While working with clients, I tell them web pages are something you need to nurture. Your SEO and online marketing (SEM) are like a garden or a plant. If you give a plant enough attention, nutrition, water, healthy soil, and the right amount of sunlight, the plant will grow and reward you with flowers, veggies, and even seeds to produce the next season.

This “nurturing” of SEO does not happen overnight. You need to be continually tweaking, paying attention, following the analytics, improving keywords, and creating content that your clients find valuable. If you work at this every day, you will see traffic at your site grow.

Like a plant, if you neglect your website and just let it sit there out in cyberspace, it will do just that, sit there.

Give your website some nutrition! Figuring out the right keywords will work given time to study the numbers. Figure out what your competitors are doing. Research your industry for ideas that might work for you.

A plant is made up of many parts, but for this article, I'm going to simplify it into four sections: roots, stems, leaves, and flowers.


From an SEO point of view, the roots are the plant's anchor. The roots search out and find the nutrition the plant needs to grow big, healthy, and secure. If the roots are not fit the plant will suffer from malnutrition, the wind will blow it over, and it will die.

SEO is like the plant roots.

SEO is the foundation that supports the website. Without a solid SEO strategy, the site will remain weak and not attract the clients you are searching for. SEO is the anchor and nutrition for your website. Feed it the proper information, and it will grow.


The stems of a plant pop up out of the ground at the same time the roots start to grow.

When a website is in the design stag SEO should also begin. The SEO should support the website design, and the site design should involve SEO.

When the two, design and SEO, are out of sync problems will arise and damage the growth of the enterprise. Make sure the two play friendly with each other.


The leaves are the result of the roots and stem working together. A healthy plant will show two starter leaves that need the additional support of sunlight in the correct amount to grow and produce more leaves.

These leaves are like web pages that work with the entire site.

Each web page has its purpose and should support that purpose with its content and SEO. The content is no good unless the design of the page helps the content. The two work together to present information that your client is looking to find. There could be many web pages for each website, but each page supports a different concept, so it does not confuse the client or the search engines.


When the plant is performing at peck, and it has the nutrition it needs to survive it will flower and sometimes even provide fruits and veggies. The flowers will make seeds for the next season.

Web pages are similar in that if the website is performing correctly, it will attract new clients and make a positive return on your investment (ROI).

Clients will refer a new client to your website, just like the seeds of a plant, your business will grow.

In conclusion, if you nurture and grow your SEO, over time, through relevant content it will give you a positive return on investment.

If this comparison has been helpful, please let me know. If you dislike it, please let me know. Feedback helps me grow.


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October, 2018

By Wendy Danko

Nuture And Grow Your SEO
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Nuture And Grow Your SEO
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