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Dead SEO?

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

If this bone head understands that SEO is not dead, so can you.
Is your SEO dead?

If you think your SEO dead or not effective, do something about it.

Your website may not be bringing the results you want. You think SEO is dead. There must be some other way to get my site working better, causing you to search the internet for the next best shiny thing. Buyer beware, there are many ways to waste your money when looking at options to bring business to your site. Most don't work.

What you need is an effective SEO strategy.

The beauty of SEO is it keeps working twenty four-seven, seven day a week three hundred and sixty five days a year.
SEO is your best option.

SEO is Alive.

Look over these stats to see for yourself.

If you look at the number of searches done every day on Google, you will see that SEO is not dead. SEO is alive and working every day for people and web pages.

According to Internet Live Stats, Google processes more than 40,000 searches every second. The average daily Search amounts to 3.5 billion-plus.

All these search queries prove SEO is not dead. Keywords and phrases are one of the base elements of SEO. But SEO is a lot more than keywords and phrases. If you believe SEO is dead, maybe you need to look at your website's quality and the keywords you are using.

I used Google's search engine and guidelines to prove that Search and SEO are not dead. The Google search engine is the most used search engine on the planet right now.

SEO is Your Best Option Always!

SEO has always worked and keeps on working for months and years. If you don't understand how SEO works, it's time to look into it to know how it will benefit your website and business.

If the SEO you have on your website now is outdated and has errors, this could be why you think SEO is dead. The problem may be that you need to do an SEO audit and update your website.

6 SEO Strategies You Need To-do [And Keep on Doing to Increase Your Traffic]

1. SEO Audits Find Errors

Search engines look at website issues; this could affect your web page rankings. You need to keep an eye on how well your site is doing and make corrections when needed. An SEO audit will help you find errors that need correction. It would be best to do an audit as often as every 30 days or as often as your budget allows. But, please don't wait too long between inspections. Things like broken links and missing pages, among other problems, will affect how the search engine sees your web pages. Raise your rankings, fix any errors an audit finds.

2. Algorithm Updates Can be Costing your Business.

Algorithms change rapidly and often, which will affect your website pages. Keeping up with these algorithm changes is very important to how search engines see your site. According to an article in Search Engine Journal, there have been 83 Google algorithm updates between November 16, 2003, and May 4, 2020. If you have ignored these updates, your website is left behind and may have errors to fix or copy to rewrite.

3. Keyword Targeting

Keyword targeting is the beginning of the SEO strategy. Research your customer's words, and the target keywords your competitors are using is a must-do assignment. After you have created a list of possibilities, you need to see how popular the words are and how often customers use them.

4. Write Relevant Content

You are creating valuable content for your customers using the stats from your keyword research. Gathering all the keyword research is time-consuming, you must do it. Use it to your advantage. These numbers and stats will help you figure out content ideas that are working and not overused on other web pages. You don't want to compete with companies for content. You want to find those ideas that are not overdone but still ranking. Relevant content that is not overdone by other sites will create a win for your web page.

5. Update Old Content

Many of these algorithm updates mean that Google, the search engine, has built algorithms to look for relevant and up-to-date content that people search for in their search queries. If your content is old and stale, the search engines will know. The result might mean less traffic to your website pages. Updating mature content with more relevant and accurate information is what you need to do. Keywords do change over time, and you want to make sure to update them using the research you did in step number 3.

6. Plan on Long-term Investment and Return

All of the above activities, 1 through 5, take a long time to get rolling and keep going. One of the biggest things you need to understand is SEO takes time. Once it gets rolling, it keeps building.

Never go with a quick fix one-time SEO plan. It will never work. Work with a professional who knows how the SEO process works and can give you the most bang for your buck. A professional will work with you and put you on a plan that best suits your business.

Over time you will see SEO pays for itself.

Other, off-page SEO things you need to do too

• Promoting your content on social media, email campaigns, and other platforms are essential to give it the attention it needs to rank well.

• Link building is another lengthy process that should happen naturally. But in the beginning, you may need to put some effort into this process to let people know who you are and what you have to offer.

Wait, What About PPC?

PPC or Pay Per Click advertising is always an option should you choose to go with that in your advertising plan. But your site's SEO should always be your first and an ongoing strategy. If your website and its pages have problems that go unaddressed, it could negatively affect your PPC plan.

After reading this article, I hope you understand what it takes to get customers to your website. Very rarely does an SEO strategy work fast. If you work on your site SEO strategy every week, you will build a rewarding business. The six items mentioned in this article are just the iceberg's tip, but they are an excellent start to move your website forward. Do some research on how to do each item to its' fullest potential and keep moving forward. Or, higher an SEO Professional.

Search Engine Optimization is your best option to succeed on the internet.

Happy Optimizing!

About the Author

Wendy Danko is an SEO Consultant and Web Designer at WenKo LLC. A design background has its perks, especially regarding SEO and website design. Wendy is determined to help all her clients understand and improve their SEO and website design. As a result, her clients have uncovered new leads to grow their client base with website improvements.


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