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MUM Algorithm Update Infographic

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

MUM Algorithm Update, Improving Context in Search
MUM Puts the Focus on SEO, Improving Context in Search


Hire a Professional SEO

Hire an SEO professional to make your web pages attractive for the new Google MUM algorithm updates.

An SEO professional will guide you in creating a better, more useful web page that search engines can "see" and understand.

Your SEO professional knows what it takes and where all these codes and tags are placed. An SEO professional can also research your customers' keywords to explore your products and services. Sometimes, it's not what you think. SEO professionals help your website succeed.

Wendy Danko

Setting Your Website Up For Success!

About the Author

Wendy Danko is an SEO Consultant and Web Designer at WenKo LLC. A design background has its perks, especially regarding SEO and website design. Wendy is determined to help all her clients understand and improve their SEO and website design. As a result, her clients have uncovered new leads to grow their client base with website improvements.


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