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Search Engine Success With Content

Updated: May 12

Are you having a hard time getting searchers to your website?

Let’s face it; none of us has a suitcase full of money to waste.

If you do call me :-)

Sometimes you feel like your throwing away money on your website when it is performing poorly. You want a better way to get more traffic to your site. What should you do?

These are all excellent suggestions. All three of these should lead clients to your website with the keywords and phrases in your quality headlines and content. But are you scaring potential clients away with the content or lack of content?

Quality content that including SEO research will grow your business.

To grow your business on the internet, you need to be thinking about how well your website represents your online business. This means you have to have content and a content strategy to attract potential clients.

When clients first contact me, they are trying to figure out how to get their website to work better. Usually, when I first look over their site, I see very little content. Content refers to text, copy, photos, artwork, infographics and more. Worse yet when I do find content, it is all about how great the company is and what they can do for you. The site has lots of smile employee faces, although smiling is good for business, from stock photo sites. Nothing wrong with bragging but there is a place for it on a different page. These types of sites need a complete overhaul.

A complete overhaul meaning developing quality content.

The last thing you want to do is scare away potential clients with your bragging smiling employees. Worse yet, if they even found your site in the first place, you're probably not answering their questions to make a better buying decision. They will move quickly to the next site to find an answer to their issue.

The overhaul needed, is a significant project. The copy needs to be rewritten and include support graphics for the main point of the page. The copy will also need keyword research to figure out what words your potential client is using in a search for your site. A buyer persona would be essential when figuring out the types of clients you are trying to attract.

Write in-depth content with sources.

You need to be thinking like your potential client, the people you want visiting your site, your niche audience. Getting into their heads and thinking as they do will help you write the content they want to read. They have questions, problems, and issues they are trying to solve when they are doing a search on the internet. Yes, your client is doing research. Your potential client is entering a query into a search engine to find answers. Are you answering their questions? Are you using the language they use?

Any Questions?

Content creation sounds simple. Doing it right takes time.

The core of SEO is helping to create quality content with the correct keywords and phrases.

Through SEO you are building a business over time that has an excellent reputation for the quality answers to the queries of their customers. You want to be an authoritative business that is helping customers make better buying decisions before they even contact a salesperson.

That is how it is done in online sales. The customer does all the decision making with the content you provide. They don't care if you have a beautiful building with smiling employees. They want to solve the issues they are experiencing, and then they will contact a salesperson or buy the product directly from your site.

Your content should provide:

  • Answers to the questions, problems or issues the searchers are having

  • Keywords and phrases that your clients use and not industry specific language

  • No "thin" content, write enough to answer the query in depth

  • Quality, proofread content

  • Graphics to support the written material

  • Links to other websites that promote your solutions

  • Content formatted for easy reading

  • Content that is formatted with proper html coding

  • Citations for your sources

  • No plagiarism, original content only

SEO is not all about placing keywords and phrases.

If you’re working on building a website's reputation that will continually bring in clients, you will need to make sure your site is running at top speed.

Are you keeping search engines happy?

The last thing you want is an unhappy search engine. An SEO audit is another process that should be done. Through an audit examination, you can find issues with your site that need to be fixed. Some of the fixes can be technical which is why you might want to hire an SEO professional.

An SEO audit should include checking for:

  • Title tags

  • Meta descriptions

  • Meta tags

  • Headlines, h1 through h6 tags

  • Images alt text

  • Sitemaps

  • Secure certification

  • Duplicate content

  • Mobile friendliness

  • Site structure

  • Error codes

  • Internal Linking

  • Site speed

  • Most importantly, a friendly and knowledgeable SEO Professional to work with you.

The takeaway, pay attention to your content. Write content that answers questions, problems, and issues your clients wants. Include keywords and phrases search engine will notice but write for real people. A professional SEO can help with keyword research. Some even write copy or work with professional copywriters.

Another takeaway, scan your website with a decent SEO audit program to find issues. Then fix these issues to keep search engines happy. If you think you are in over your head hire a professional SEO to work with you. The last thing you want is a penalty from a search engine for doing the wrong thing.

Remember, SEO is an investment.

It takes time to see results.

You're building an online business with longevity.

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