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Updated: Jan 24

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Do these eleven hot items to your web pages and you will have success in 2020.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a forever changing effort. If you have a website, you need to keep up with all the algorithms changes to make your website, webpages, and blog posts up to date. The purpose of this article to inform you about what search engines are looking for and what they would like you to be doing with optimizing your website, webpages, and blog posts.

1. Apply the Google E-A-T concept to your web pages

The E-A-T algorithm was implemented a few years ago and will remain a critical algorithm for ranking on the Google search engine. E-A-T is an acronym for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. Google recommends following the E-A-T concept in your business and, more importantly, on your website and blog posts. When you actively implement all three, the Google search engine may reward you with a better ranking.

2. Create High-quality Content

High-quality Content has been and will still be what Google wants on your web pages and post. Google wants you to answer your clients'/customers' questions in detail, in-depth, and to demonstrate you're an expert in your field. When you implement the E-A-T concept in your content, you are well on your way to getting that higher ranking.

High-quality content will naturally be longer. An article or post should be about 2000 words or longer. Explore your subject in-depth. Use subheads to break it down into sections. Incorporate your short-tail and long-tail keywords where they fit in naturally. People like information on the topics they are researching. They don't like the sales pitch, which comes much later in the sales process.

SlideShare report from The Economist Group, they asked the question,

"What is the main reason a piece of content did not succeed in making a positive impression? 71% [said content] seemed more like a sales pitch."

If you are answering the questions your clients and customers have with in-depth, quality answers, you're on the right path. This type of content will keep people on your web page longer, which will also give you a better Click Through Rate (CTA), keeping Google happy and rewarding you with a better ranking score.

One more thing about content, you need to publish or post it regularly. When you post useful content regularly, you keep clients and customers returning to get more information on the subjects they are researching. Clients and customers will then start seeing your site as E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritative, and Trustworthy.)

3. Educate Yourself About Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will continue to make a difference in how search works. In the last few years, search engines like Google have been using machine learning and teaching their search engines to understand how humans use their words in sentences. The result is better search answers for the searcher. What the content provider needs to know if you are not implementing the E-A-T concept in your content, your rankings will be lower than your competitors that are using E-A-T.

Google AI, also known as the BERT update, understands the searchers' intent, meaning you need to understand the searchers' intent, be relevant, and provide the content that the searcher intended to find.

4. Implement a Voice Search Strategy

Voice Search will remain very important as more people are speaking to their devices, personal assistant, and the Internet of Things to get answers, find things, or do something with and item like turn on a lamp or turn on music.

According to Campaign, an online publication,

"ComScore says that by 2020, 50 percent of all searches will be voice searches."

What is a voice search in SEO? It is about the conversation. Think about how you would speak or ask a question. It is different than how you would write the same idea. Intent, context, and conversational language are the three key ideas to consider. People that are using voice search want immediacy, convenience, and intimacy, which is expressed differently from the written word.

"How to," "where-is", "what are," "who is," "when is": phrases like these become more important in voice search.

When writing content for your website or blog post:

  • Write in a conversational tone, keep it natural, and answer the questions your customers and clients are asking.

  • Understand the intent your searcher has and use more long-tail keywords.

5. Implement Keyword Research Strategy

Keyword Research will continue to be of great importance. Search for the right long-tail keywords, using the voice search questions, and answer your clients' and customers' questions is critical when doing research. With the right intent focused on long-tail keywords, you will continue to gain organic traffic.

6. Make Your Site Mobile and Optimized

Mobile Optimization is still critical and will continue to be significant because of the rise in search of mobile smartphones and other devices. According to, mobile traffic is up 222% in the last five years. Making mobile optimization critical to your web pages and blog posts. Your site should load in 3 seconds or less, or you will lose traffic to your competitors who have optimized for mobile. Speed is essential. Meaning compressing your images and artwork is critical. If you don't understand this concept, hire a professional. Also, be careful of the fonts you use, some will not load fast enough.

7. Write Content that is Featured Snippet Driven

Featured Snippet or Position 0 will continue to be the most valuable spot on the search engine results page (SERP) in the Google search engine. Sometimes referred to as Position 0 because it is the position at the top of the SERP appearing in a box. The site that grabs this position has provided the best and clearest answer to a question your consumers are asking.

The answer can be in the form of a paragraph, list, or table.

Sample for featured snippet paragraph.

Sample for featured snippet list.

Sample for featured snippet table.

Google's algorithm decides what appears in the featured snippet position, meaning you cannot buy your way to the top.

To find the questions people are asking on your subject, use Google to research your topic to see what real issues are asked. Another excellent site to see what questions are asked is

A featured snippet, because it is at the top of the results page, will drive more traffic to your webpages than the number 1 position.

8. Implement a Local SEO Strategy

Local SEO will continue to be very important. The best advice for local SEO is to create a Google My Business account. Google will then verify your business and list your information. The searcher that use "near me" or are looking for your address in their search will find that information fast. Make sure you fill out this information completely to get the best results. It is a good idea to see what your competitors are doing with their local Google My Business pages so you can compete.

9. Implement a Brand Building Strategy

Brand Building online should continue to be a priority. Building and managing quality profiles across social media are a must-do. Listening to your social media mentions and engaging with real people will allow you to build your online brand awareness.

On sites like Quora and Yahoo Answers be the professional that gives the most relevant answer to question real people are asking. Keep in mind these sites are not for advertising your brand. These sites are strictly for answering the questions nothing more. But, remember your name is attached to the answer so you’re getting some recognition that will help build your brand.

A few things to look for in the coming year are:

10. Look for HTTP/3 and QUIC Protocols

Implementation for HTTP/3 and QUIC Protocols types of communication protocol is starting to happen now. HTTP/3 and QUIC Protocols are the next generations for a faster, more reliable, safer internet. Some platforms using these protocols are Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and Cloudflare. You will see more mentions for HTTP/3 and QUIC Protocols, so pay attention.

11. Look for WebP formatting

WebP formatting will be replacing jpg, png, and gif formats. Google is the developer of WebP formatting. This type of formatting does a better job of compressing images. This kind of compression will increase the speed for webpage loading time by making the images an average of 50% smaller, or more, without losing quality.

Adobe Photoshop, unfortunately, does not offer this type of formatting yet. Many website platforms are not up to date for this change, either. But you should be tuned into this change and using when and where you can to speed up your website.

This tool will help you make WebP files.


As you can see, and you probably already know, SEO is a moving target and will always be changing. Pay attention to these eleven hot items in 2020, and you will stay ahead of your competitors in ranking competition without falling behind.


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