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Setting Your Website Up for Success.


Wendy's goal is to make your website successful.  

Wendy not only does  SEO, but she also wants you to understand the work she is performing, making her service a more significant value by not leaving you in the dark. Through the knowledge she provides, you will have a better understanding of the processes involved with SEO. This knowledge will give you the power to make informed decisions in the future when it comes to your website. After all, knowledge is power. Work with Wendy, and you will feel the power growing with more understanding around SEO.

Wendy, a creative professional, started as a graphic designer. With over 25 years of experience as a graphics designer for print and web designer, she saw a need for SEO with her current clients. She, since then, has done the training necessary to perform SEO on a professional level.

Wendy continues her training twice a week with the professionals at Neil Patel, and the Agency Unlocked program. 

She also keeps up with the algorithm changes the come from Google and other popular search engines. These changes could affect the success of your website, and it is crucial to keep out ahead of them.

"Think with Google is an excellent source of information. Their newsletter has all the latest information you need to know."    –Wendy Danko

Success happens when you collaborate with an SEO professional.


Doing it yourself SEO could be harming your web pages. Sometimes you need to hire a professional to get what you need, which is to uncover the problems your web pages may have. These problems could be holding your site back from success.


When you collaborate with an SEO professional, you are building a website with pages that bring you the right clients who are already looking for your products and services.

Professional SEO's know Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and they can make a big difference for you and your website.

With the number of SEO Professionals on the rise, how do I know whom to choose?


When you decide you need professional Search Engine Optimization help, you want to make sure you're getting the best SEO professional possible. To do that here is what to look for in an SEO company:


SEO Professional Will Provide:

• Detailed SEO reports with an explanation for each item.
• Detail search metrics and SEO tracking that will help you understand what webpages are work or not working
• Detailed keyword tracking.
• Detailed keywords for search.
• Detailed competitor research.

What to LOOK OUT for in a company that claims they know SEO but provides black hat SEO:


• They promise rankings to increase overnight.
• They promise to double your traffic.
• They promise instant leads and sales.
• They promise search engine submissions.
• They promise a certain amount of backlinks.
• They project Return On Investment (ROI) results quickly.

SEO is a process of building momentum over time.


Building momentum is good because, with a steady increase in traffic, you are making a firm following of reliable clients. These clients are happy because:

• Your website provides the information they want.

• They see your website as a trusted authority because of the information you're offering.

• They want to do business with a trusted, informative, and reliable company.


Beware of the SEO professional who makes promises. They do not have your best interest in mind. The landscape in search marketing is always changing, make sure the SEO professional is up to date with search engine rules and that they don't practice "black hat" SEO.


"Wendy created my initial website, my Google [My Business] website, and now manages my SEO.  She's great at explaining the technical to this leadite.  And Wendy is a pro at catching the small things that make a big difference."

-Ann Agrimson

Fireside Healing

"The Thrivent Financial New Hope Group contracted Wendy Danko of WenKo LLC to provide services for our office website. The ideas and suggestions that we received from Wendy was thorough, insightful, and she not only helped us she also gave us the resources and knowledge to make our website spectacular.
WenKo is a service that I would recommend to anyone that is struggling or needs help with any marketing or design ideas and help!"

Thrivent Financial® 
New Hope, MN

"Because I enjoy the problem-solving aspects of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), I spend most of my working hours helping companies who want and need my expertise.


I have always enjoyed graphic design, and I still work with clients that ask for my graphics expertise. My experience in the graphics field is extensive, from print design to web page design.


I am always up for a challenge. Contacting me with your website problems would make me happy."


– Wendy Danko at WenKo LLC

A Few Tips Can Go A Long Way.


Attracting Right Customers Means More Sales

With on-page SEO done the right way, you will see an increase in traffic through more visibility, also known as impressions and more clicks.
When you provide high-quality content, your customers get the vital information they are searching for to make buying decisions. 

Giving your customers the information they seek with the content you provide is called Content Marketing. With on-page SEO added to the web page and content, you have a winning combination.

  • Write content naturally.

  • Edit for better keywords after the first draft. 

  • Don't get bogged down by writing around keywords.

  • Write for people, not search engines.

  • An SEO professional should work with you to enhance the words you use before you publish.

If you are looking for a writer please let Wendy know.


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